5 Reasons to Train as a BrainFit Coach.

If you want to help others, know more about the brain and memory skills and to develop an income stream of your own, where do you start?

With any life-changing decision, you want to make the right choice and choose a course which offers you the best training covering all areas of BrainFit coaching to ensure great value for money and set you on the road to success.

What makes the BrainFit Academy stand out from the rest?

Here are 5 reasons to start with and our past graduates back us up too:



Learning the theory about the brain and the way memory works is fundamental to set you on the right path to becoming a successful BrainFit coach, but it’s not something that can be understood solely by sitting at a desk taking notes. At the BrainFit Academy, the difference is in the opportunities given to practice. Taking the theory and working on practical tasks right away ensures the essential memory skills taught are built upon from the start, with feedback from Dr. Lamont and your training mentor, Gillian Eadie.

“It provided a really good balance of theory and practical, hands-on tasks.”  Academy graduate


Whether you have any previous experience in business or none at all, the correspondence training modules, besides knowledge of the brain and memory skills, cover everything you would need to know about setting up as a BrainFit coach. It’s a busy schedule with lots to learn, and importantly practice, but if you maintain the momentum, you will soon develop the confidence to begin your own Brain Fit for Life™ classes.

By Accreditation, you will have developed your knowledge of the course, understanding of the strategies and skills you are teaching, your list of venues, marketing kit, articles and personal information to circulate. You will be guided through preparing to take your first class.

“It gave me the confidence to become a BrainFit coach.”  Accredited BrainFit coach.


Taking your current skills and professional knowledge to career level as a BrainFit coach requires a combination of all of the skills you read about in the e-Guide. Working with groups of people, often with a diverse range of needs, takes discretion, patience and a deep understanding of the objectives of each session.

The blend of theory and practical tasks during the 10 training modules gives you the tools you will need to start a career as a BrainFit coach, including managing your time, connecting with class members and learning how to structure your sessions. You are supported long after the training is completed.

“The course builds your confidence. I knew what I needed to have with me and how I needed to prepare. I’m still learning so it has been reassuring to know I can ask Dr Lamont and brain questions that come up.”  Accredited BrainFit coach.


Starting out on a new career path is a life-changing decision and one which should be taken seriously to ensure you are making the right decision for you. At the BrainFit Academy we pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and all-encompassing validity of the content of the training you receive. Although there is a significant investment for you initially, it is the value for money that you look for when you consider this investment into your future. Knowing that you will recoup those costs from the first few courses you offer will strengthen your determination to succeed.

“This course has been life-changing for me. Not only for my personal understanding but knowing I am helping others gives me such a buzz with each class.” BrainFit Academy graduate


With no official accreditation available in the brain fitness Industry, it is the reputation of Memory Foundation, Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD and Gillian Eadie, MEd, which will ensure your prospective class members know you are a professional who has been well-trained. Memory Foundation was established in 2008 and has a decade of experience in helping the community with memory skills and Brain Fit for Life™ classes. After successful completion of the course, you will receive an Accreditation certificate and licence and will have the reputation and support of Memory Foundation to endorse in your marketing and publicity.

“I’m so grateful to Memory Foundation and all that you do for us. You haven’t only given me skills – you’ve given me hope!” Marie, Brain Fit for Life™ class member.


You become part of an international network because Memory Foundation Ltd. has been selected as a Top 10 NZ Venture chosen by SheEO_World

Not only that, following Module 3 of your training, you will gain free access to our premium online brain training course Memory Tune which is delivered to you twice a week for seven weeks. (This course retails at $169.00). Memory Tune is complementary to the Brain Fit for Life™ course you will be teaching.

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