It’s an important question!

Brainfit® coaching is very like other groups classes, seminars or night classes you may have attended recently.

With several important differences.

An Accredited BrainFit® coach:

  • will have in-depth knowledge of brain and memory matters
  • will have completed training focused on the course being delivered
  • will understand and respond to the individual needs of group members
  • will have a step-by-step programme to guide the class through
  • has a range of professional resources to share with the group
  • and has the full support of the founders, Dr Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie.

The Brainfit® Coach leads the group and soon engenders a warm, supportive and responsive learning environment for class members. The usual experience is that, when the 4-class series comes to an end, participants keep in touch, maintaining their new friendships. The confidence participants develop during the course is noticeable. As Marie said after the end of a class in Pukekohe:

You haven’t only given us skills – you have given us hope!

This is the kind of comment Brainfit® coaches hear all the time.

Running the classes involves Brainfit® coaches in gathering groups together (with the support of the Brainfit® team), having a venue and preparation for conducting each of the 4 classes which last for an hour and a half. The resources you need – PowerPoint presentations, teaching manual and supporting materials come when the modules of online training are completed. Planning and organisation are important and the training you do will guide you through all aspects of these. By the time you run your first class, you will feel confident and ready to go!

Just as with any successful class, preparation is everything.

You will all have experienced, somewhere along the way, a speaker or tutor who muddled through a talk or lesson. That isn’t a Brainfit® Coach! Because class members are paying to come to your classes, the way you have prepared your sessions, their seating, IT setup and any materials needed will speak volumes about your own professional approach.

What will your BrainFit for Life® class be like?

Class profiles vary.

Classes can be up to 20; 16 is often a congenial size.

You may decide to run with smaller classes of, say 6 -10, depending upon the circumstances.

Some likely enrolments include:

  • Friends in the 50 – 55 age range join up because they have been noticing a few forgetting incidents and they want to make sure this doesn’t continue.
  • Individuals nearing retirement who want to keep brain skills sharp
  • Individuals who love brain challenges and want to get an insight as well as a weekly practice
  • People in work roles where they have younger staff hinting that memory is an issue (usually quite incorrectly!)
  • Couples with dementia in the family who want to do all they can to protect themselves against this disease in the future
  • Younger people may enrol to assist with study strategies and memory techniques.

Very few classes will be exactly the same, which is why your training needs to be flexible and authoritative so that you can respond to a variety of needs.

Classes cover some group work, individual challenges and whole group activities.

There is a core curriculum for the five classes, contained in the clearly-laid-out Manual for Accredited Coaches. The manual includes variations in approach and extension knowledge so that the Brainfit® coach can make adjustments where needed. Exact scripts for standardized tests are included as are all of the answer sheets and puzzle handouts and solutions.

The Brainfit® Coach’s own experience and anecdotes will weave in and out of the sessions, as is natural. This flow enhances the impact in class and needs always to complement the work to be covered rather than replace it.

It is a busy life being a Brainfit® Coach and an immensely rewarding one.

I find running the class a most rewarding experience – great to see the exercises and insights working for people, especially the achievement around remembering names and ‘likes’ for all class members!   Bronwyn Lane, Brainfit® Coach, Warkworth.
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